About Safaraz Ali

Safaraz Ali

Safaraz Ali is an author, social investor, and entrepreneur, based in Birmingham, UK.

Safaraz Ali began his career in the financial services sector and since 1999, has been involved in the world of business in one way or another. He is the Head of Pathway Group, a workforce development solutions provider, specialising in apprenticeship training and recruitment.

Safaraz is also the creator of Pathway2Grow, a growing networking community in the West Midlands. The business’ vision is to inspire a different approach to networking through creating a vibrant network that develops and serves business communities nationally. Their mission is summed up in the business’ tag line, “Network, Learn, and Grow”.

Additionally, through the vehicle of his business TCI Pathway Ltd, Safaraz offers independent strategy, advice, and investment for private businesses in the social care, education, training, and recruitment sectors. TCI Pathway offers support and guidance in developing and executing growth strategies, raising funds for growth strategies, and managing growth.