You can only make a first impression once

You can only make a first impression once

The old adage ‘first impressions last longest’ may feel unfair, but the fact is that it’s very true. Bad first impressions can be hard to put right. More importantly, in business, there’s a lot of places where you’re making those impressions. 

One of the common mistakes SMEs make is to underrate the importance of the receptionist, for example. As these businesses have less resource and stretched managers. They often delegate these tasks to junior members of staff, such as an apprentice. A potentially even bigger mistake is to pass social media and marketing to a junior member of the team with little supervision and guidance. 

Consider apprenticeships. They are a fantastic and cost-effective way of both gaining resource and training that resource to be experts in your area. However, in small businesses, apprentices will likely have more responsibility – including responsibility for the impression your business makes on customers and stakeholders. 

Training, therefore is vital – not just for apprentices, but for all staff – on how what they do impacts your business’s reputation. A mentor who understands the area of expertise can pass on their knowledge and help develop your staff member to the point where they can be trusted to make a good first impression in everything they do. 

Your first impression could be the difference between winning and losing clients, or more importantly, your reputation. You should invest in getting it right. 

Chew on this:

How do you ensure your staff make a good impression? 




Author: Safaraz Ali
My career began in the financial services sector and since 1999, I have been involved in the world of business. I am Head of Pathway Group, which is a workforce development solutions provider. Pathway Group specialise in apprenticeship training and recruitment. I also offer independent strategy, advice, and investment for a wide range of private business sector. These include: social care, education, training, and recruitment.