Content creation: content is king

Content creation: content is king

According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is: 

‘the strategic marketing approach of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action’ 

Every business is sitting on expertise that can be translated into valuable content. The key is figuring out what you have, what you can create, and what you can repurpose. This is an important part of content creation – the ability to recreate and repurpose content. It may have started as an email to someone explaining the benefits of a new tool, but with a bit of work it can become a PowerPoint, a blog, or a video.

What are the different forms of content marketing?

There are many different forms of content marketing. However, I would suggest that it’s crucial for every business leader to get to grips with these in order to get the most out of their expertise. 


Even though our attention span for reading continues to dwindle. A well-written blog post is still a great medium for giving value to your audience. It’s also a way to keep your website current and to bring traffic to your site. You can also share your views and thoughts as part of building confidence in you and your business by blogging on 3rd party platforms such as LinkedIn or Medium. Also, don’t think once your blog is published, it’s magically going to get exposure. Distribution of your blog is as important as writing it in the first place – share on social media, email it to people, and repurpose it where possible.

Video and audio

Jay Baer, entrepreneur and content marketing expert, recently declared ‘video is the new blogging’. For many businesses, this is true. Different formats will appeal to different audiences – video and audio being particularly stimulating over longer pieces of text. So, once you’ve mastered blogging, why not consider repurposing your content into a video or podcast?


All businesses can deal in data these days – a simple survey of your customers can give you the necessary information to create an exciting infographic. You don’t even need to get a designer in these days – there are plenty of free tools online to help you create graphics. 

Chew on this:

What knowledge could you turn into useful content?

Author: Safaraz Ali
My career began in the financial services sector and since 1999, I have been involved in the world of business. I am Head of Pathway Group, which is a workforce development solutions provider. Pathway Group specialise in apprenticeship training and recruitment. I also offer independent strategy, advice, and investment for a wide range of private business sector. These include: social care, education, training, and recruitment.