Is it time to ditch your USP?

Is it time to ditch your USP?

The truth is, often your unique selling point isn’t really all that unique.

  • We offer a truly great service!
  • We always put the customer first!
  • We’re experts in our field!
  • We offer great value for money!

These claims are often made by many businesses as unique selling points, but cannot be unique as they are shared statements that almost all businesses will make at some point. Take a look at them again. How often have you heard these? Do any of these ‘unique’ selling points really sound unique to you?

While these promises are all good, they’re also what every other business says. This means that they might be good at helping you attract new customers, but there’s very little that is likely to make them stay. If your USP is the same as everybody else’s, what’s stopping your customers moving to another business who can offer them the same service?

Having a clear proposition is better than trying to be ‘all things to all people.’ 

For example, Ryanair has a very clear and distinct proposition that makes it one of the biggest aviation business success stories. It doesn’t promise a great in-flight experience, excellent food, or seat-back TV screens. What it does offer is a very clear proposition – price. And this isn’t an arbitrary marketing message in the way that all businesses claim to offer a good price – Ryanair is run based upon a ‘low cost’ ethos which rigorously ensures it can offer prices that can’t be matched by any of the other major airlines.

Your USP doesn’t have to be crazy to make you stand out – it just needs to be about what you do rather than what you say. A true USP should be measurable by objective standards, rather than something that is subjective. For example, what is great value for money to you may not be to someone else. Take a look at what you do best. Is it measurable? Objective? If not, ditch it and be better!

Chew on this:

What is your true unique selling point?

Author: Safaraz Ali
My career began in the financial services sector and since 1999, I have been involved in the world of business. I am Head of Pathway Group, which is a workforce development solutions provider. Pathway Group specialise in apprenticeship training and recruitment. I also offer independent strategy, advice, and investment for a wide range of private business sector. These include: social care, education, training, and recruitment.