What’s the difference between a manager and a leader?

What’s the difference between a manager and leader? 

We’ve already looked at the different skills and personas a business owner needs to master. Although, quite often, those who aspire to be a great leader fall short and end up simply being a great manager. The fact is, not all managers are necessarily leaders. The art of managing people is indeed an important skill. However the ability to lead people is something that not all managers achieve. Even if they are good at what they do. As such, although the roles are interdependent, it’s important to understand the differences between a manager and leader.

  • Managers are good at making decisions – They gather the right information, come to a solid conclusion, and delegate actions effectively.
  • Leaders create good decision makers – They ask the right questions and encourage their team and others to reach the right conclusions independently.
  • Managers develop performance – They do this by identifying what others are good at and helping them to reach their targets.
  • Leaders develop talent – They do this by identifying what others enjoy doing and helping them to work towards achieving their full potential.
  • Managers keep the wheels turning – They ensure that tasks are done on time and to a good standard. They make mistakes, but learn from them and are consistent in their approach to new challenges.
  • Leaders drive change – Leaders don’t just embrace challenges – they seek them. They’re not afraid of trying new things and they’re not afraid of failing – they simply see it as a learning opportunity and an essential element of growth. They encourage those around them to face challenges in this way, too.

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Author: Safaraz Ali
My career began in the financial services sector and since 1999, I have been involved in the world of business. I am Head of Pathway Group, which is a workforce development solutions provider. Pathway Group specialise in apprenticeship training and recruitment. I also offer independent strategy, advice, and investment for a wide range of private business sector. These include: social care, education, training, and recruitment.